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Taylor Rushing was born in the South Puget Sound of Washington State. He graduated from the Evergreen State College with a degree in Arts and Crafts and received his MA and MFA at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. He moved to Atlanta, Georgia and opened Not Bad Illustration in 2019. He now doodles all day and grows dahlia flowers in his yard. 

“Summer break 1988. When you were poking around and found that cupboard in the corner of Aunt Selma’s garage. Yeah...right behind the old cream Buick that stank like Virginia Slims and Aquanet. You carefully pushed aside those dusty glass vases to reveal an old worn leather baseball mitt. That was a great day. Kind of reminds me of Taylor Rushing’s artwork.”


- Kris Truelsen (Bill and the Belles) 

I learned to play mouthbow alone in the woods...when of course any sane person would have instead hit up Taylor Rushing for a lovingly crafted instrument to pass the grueling hours with. As a fellow artist, it’s hard not to notice that there’s a false choice we’re fed in this world...that it’s either filet mignon...or McDonalds, and anything in between isn’t worth writing home about. But by golly I like BBQ and hand drawn cartoons so consider this penning one in: this art is NOT BAD! And you should thusly buy it.


- Nick Shoulders 

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